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eFileMadeEasy in Action

This is a video tutorial on how to use eFileMadeEasy to efile with the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal from Microsoft Word.

This is a video tutorial on how to use eFileMadeEasy to efile Exhibits with the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal.

This is a video tutorial on how to use eFileMadeEasy to efile a new complaint with the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal.

eFileMadeEasy is an Incredibly Easy eFile Service.

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Our Features

Batch Processing

Ideal for large firms. Send all of your days pleadings and filings all at once with Batch processing.

eFile in Seconds

eFile court documents to the Florida portal with just a few mouse clicks.

Compliance with Eportal

Prepare file for eFiling with the Florida portal, in accordance with the Rules.

Works with Populars Apps

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Wordperfect & Worldox

Exhibit Creator

File Exhibits automatically with proper identifiers (numbers, letters, or none).

Template Creator

Our template technology lets you merge, separate and create custom templates in seconds.

Service Email

eService according to the service email addresses on the pleading.

Scrub All Metadata

Scrub files of all Personal and Embarrassing Information.

Drag & Drop

With eFileMadeEasy you can simply Drag & Drop your eFile


Keep track of all your firms efilings in real-time using our reporting. Ideal for accounting and tracking pleadings.

What Client’s Say

  • eFileMadeEasy, unifies and simplifies the process of eService and eFiling, saving our office from errors and freeing up more time for staff to devote to more profitable work. This program more than pays for itself, by automating a time-consuming process.

    John F. Schutz, Esq.

  • eFileMadeEasy is a great tool to simplify and speed up the electronic filing process and works seamlessly with Word software.

    Stanley T. Padgett, EsquireTampa, FL

  • I am proud to say that my office now uses eFileMadeEasy and we are ecstatic with the amount of time that it saves by literally pressing one button and your e-filing is complete with a confirmation.

    Andres F. Alos, Esq.

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